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Welcome to Year 4 Kingfisher Class


Welcome to year 4 Kingfisher class. I hope you all had a fantastic summer and are ready for the new school year!

Class Teachers: Billie Hawes & Debbie Finch.

Support Staff: Mira & Jenny.



Please see the link below to view our timetable:

 Year 4 timetable


 Learning Bulletin:


 Learning Bulletin



PE kits are to stay in school for Outdoor PE on Mondays and Indoor PE on Fridays.

Homework is set every Wednesday with new spellings and children are all given a hard copy in their homework folders to take home. It is due in on Monday morning - please check to ensure you are happy with the standard.

Children are to read for at least 15 minutes per day (I know they usually read for longer) and complete their reading logs daily.


 Homework Week 1

Homework Week 2

Curriculum Map:

CM Year 2023


End of Year Expectations:

I have attached the school's end of year expectations for year 4

Literacy Expectations

End of Year Expectations

Mental Maths Expectations

Written Calculation Policy


For any queries or to arrange a meeting, please send a message via the office or directly by email. I am able to meet after school on Thursday.

 Additional Learning

BBC Bitesize Daily lessons for the main topics of the curriculum

DK Find Out! Lots of pictures, articles and quizzes about every topic



Pobble365 Daily picture inspired sentence work [at the back of your writing book]

Authorfy Daily creative writing tasks from authors that take ten minutes



MyMaths Games and activities to keep your skills up



ISS livestream The International Space Station camera live feed (if not active, check again soon)



Martin Brown Illustrator of Horrible Histories shows you how to draw faces.

Rob Biddulph Rob shows you how to draw fun characters and creatures

British Museum Go for a virtual tour of the museum



Pattern Memory Remember which blocks flashed go for a high score

Factors & multiples Use maths knowledge and strategy to clear numbers (Max currently has the high score)


YouTube channels

Kids invent stuff People build children's ideas for inventions

Joseph's Machines Amazing chain reaction machines

Backyard Scientist Scientists test the limits of materials in their garden

King of Random Science tests with lots of materials and crazy effects



A to Z ideas A list of ideas for things to do