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Houses and House Captain


Every child in the upper school from Year 3 to Year 6 has been placed in a house. 

Your child will remain in the same house for their entire time at St Paul's and we have grouped families together into the same houses. The houses work together to collect house points, compete in school competitions, like sports day and our swimming gala, and fund raise for our Lent Appeal.

The names of the houses are inspired by the Solar System and Called Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter.

House Captains

The children in Year 6 are invited to apply for the position of house and vice house captain at the start of the year. The selection process involves submitting a letter of application and attending an interview.

There are four different houses:

  • Pluto House (Blue)          
  • Jupiter House (Green)          
  • Mars House (Red)           
  • Saturn House (Yellow) 

House Captains design a fund raising event each year to raise money for their chosen charities.  These events create a lot of excitement about the school and engender a lot of interest from all children.  The houses compete to raise the most money.

House Points

During class time, the children earn house Points throughout the school day. These are collated by the House Captains every Friday.