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Behaviour and Expectations

We believe in celebrating our achievements, as this inspires our school community to strive for excellence.

High standards of behaviour are expected from adults and children at all times and we encourage children to develop self discipline and self control.  They are given carefully planned opportunities to take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning.  We help children to resolve their differences and conflicts in constructive ways so that they may learn the skills to do so independently.  Our emphasis is on ownership of actions, reconciliation and forgiveness.

We encourage children to report all incidents of name-calling, including racist names, violence or bullying. These incidents are taken very seriously and are recorded and dealt with swiftly.

Our Lunchtime Playground Buddies play an active role in promoting play and positive relationships, and under supervision, conflict resolution.

Each Friday we have a Shining Stars Assembly. During our Shining Stars assembly children who have done something extra special have their successes shared with the school community.

Our expectations that underpin our behaviour policy are:

  • Show kindness, respect and understanding to other people.
  • Take care of school and other people’s property.
  • Listen to others.
  • Always try your best in all that you do.
  • Be truthful, honest and show forgiveness.

If parents have concerns about their own child or other children's behaviour, we ask that this be raised with the class teacher in the first instance and then the Head of School. We discourage parents from trying to resolve matters directly with other parents.