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Generic Literacy learning Activities 

Generic Science Learning Activities

Generic Maths Learning Activities

General Online Learning Resources


Generic Websites for learning

BBC Bitesize Daily lessons for the main topics of the curriculum

DK Find Out! Lots of pictures, articles and quizzes about every topic



Pobble365 Daily picture inspired sentence work [at the back of your writing book]

Authorfy Daily creative writing tasks from authors that take ten minutes



MyMaths Games and activities to keep your skills up



ISS livestream The International Space Station camera live feed (if not active, check again soon)



Martin Brown Illustrator of Horrible Histories shows you how to draw faces.

Rob Biddulph Rob shows you how to draw fun characters and creatures

British Museum Go for a virtual tour of the museum



Pattern Memory Remember which blocks flashed go for a high score

Factors & multiples Use maths knowledge and strategy to clear numbers (Max currently has the high score)


YouTube channels

Kids invent stuff People build children's ideas for inventions

Joseph's Machines Amazing chain reaction machines

Backyard Scientist Scientists test the limits of materials in their garden

King of Random Science tests with lots of materials and crazy effects



A to Z ideas A list of ideas for things to do


Online Reading Resources

Collins publishers have made available their online reading books: Pink through to Lime.  They also have some follow-up tasks with each text.

Use this link

Clink on Teacher portal and enter user name:

password:  Parents20!

Online Parent Safety Resources

A really valuable link for parents outlining advice about many different websites and how to use them safely: here 

Physical Activity

Sites with ideas for physical activity:

 Wider Opps Music

This video shows all the children who took part in Wider Ops Music this year: Wider Ops Video


Home work (dates and expectations) How to help your child 

We aim to foster a positive attitude towards homework and help set good habits. We ensure that homework is of interest to the children and matched to their ability. Our school policy on homework is based on the principle that the learning process does not begin and end at school.  We believe that children are learning constantly from a variety of adults and experiences.  We ask that parents support their child with any homework given.

Homework routines begin in Reception with the expectation that children read at home every night.  From Year 1 onwards, children are also given weekly maths and literacy activities. We set the homework on a Thursday, expecting it to be handed in on the following Tuesday, thus giving time for children to complete their homework while allowing time for family activities during the weekend, and also if a child is unsure they have opportunities to ask their class teacher before the hand in date.

Teachers in the KS1 send home weekly bulletins which give a precis of the learning taking place so that parents can discuss this with their child.

Please see below some helpful homework links:

nRich maths: - Has lots of interesting and challenging maths problems from Early Years to A-level standard.