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Wednesday 26th March. Nick Walters

Thursday 26th March. Clive Hale


I will accept the things I can't change and change the things I can.


Many, many years ago my sister gave me this little book.  I didn't know how handy it would become.


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Today as we settle into our new routines I am minded of our school value of endurance and tackling what it is we have some control over.

It maybe some time before we get back to what we knew, and secretly right now, I think some things, will never be the same.  For example I think there is now a whole new respect for what we will get our computers to help us with and do, that we are all experimenting with, and I know that your teachers are enjoying having to think on.

Over the next few days and weeks it is likely we are going to be annoyed, be angry, find frustration, to be scared or worried with our situation.

Today's thought asks us to accept that we can't change our situation, it is as it is, and we are all in it together.

But maybe we do have control over how we approach our feelings, thoughts, frustrations and anger.

Spend a few moments thinking about what you can control.  Have a thought about how your thinking might be able to help you.  What does today's thought make you think about? Remember that everyone in your house is having to manage the same thoughts and worries as you.  How can you help them?

Be strong and enjoy the opportunities this time will give you.

Friday, 27th March. Clive Hale

I am at school today.  I put the little book out to remember to bring it with me, however, it is at home on the bench in the kitchen.

If I remember correctly today's thought goes something like this:

'The only time you fail is when you stop trying.'

In your homes at the moment there are bound to be Mum's and Dad's working very hard to be your teachers and doing their best to help you to continue to learn.  But it may be that you have to persevere more with your new learning to understand it, maybe it is not as easy to listen to Mum or Dad, and maybe you just want to show Mum or Dad that you can do it all without them.

One way or another this is about getting things wrong, but accepting something as being wrong and then setting about to getting it right. 

  • How do you react when you get things wrong? 
  • Do you give up?
  • Do you carry on trying?
  • Do you get angry and annoyed then come back to it later?
  • Do you just leave it for someone else to fix up?

This might not be just about maths or spelling, full stops and capital letters.  In the past week Schools and Governments have been having to make decisions about all sorts of things we didn't think we needed to think about quite so urgently and sometimes some of the decisions might not have been quite right (they could have been wrong).

But the point is the thinking and the working can't just stop, it has to keep going in order to try and get it right.  We all need that opportunity.

When we stop trying then we do really give up and fail on what we wanted to do.

Practice patience, with yourself and with others.

10 Hours] Burning Candle - Video Only [1080HD] SlowTV - YouTube

Have a few moments to think about when you have had to be patient and why.

Was there an outcome that helped you carry on and succeed?

Can you think of times that have not been about school learning? -riding a bike, managing a new baby or sister, getting a friendship right, making up after a fight.

Was it worth continuing to try to make it/get it right?

Which of our school values is this best about?

 Sunday, 29th March. Emily Kolltveit. The new Curate at St Mary's.

 A song with a simple message for us all. Click here.

 Monday, 30th March. Clive Hale.

Loving someone means you’re willing to listen to them.

Most immediately I thought well it is obvious isn’t it.

Of course, if you love someone you will be willing to listen to them.

But what about those times when people have something to say that we are not so happy to hear.  Things that might be true about how we are being, things that may be true about what we are doing.

We don’t always want to listen to those things, especially maybe when we are angry with someone, annoyed with life, frustrated, even in a really happy mood, or when we think we’ve just done a really good job.  Leave me in my bubble, I’m happy here.


Who in anger has ever said ‘I’m not listening to you!!!’ Knowing that you said it wanting to hurt the person trying to speak to you… but also knowing that secretly you were listening and processing, but just not admitting it.

I think the ‘loving’ could just as easily be ‘trusting’.

When we trust someone, we know they don’t mean or want to hurt us and so we should listen to what they have to say.  Maybe it will make us a better person.

Think about what you might have said to others to help them:

  • Were they willing to listen?
  • Did it make a difference?
  • Why did you feel you needed to tell them?
  • Have you ever said anything to an adult wanting them to listen to what you              want to say to them for their own benefit?
  • How did they react?

Tuesday, 31st March. Clive Hale

Use your special abilities to help other people.

My goodness, how many examples of this are we seeing at the moment.  Our Doctors and Nurses are certainly sharing all they can of what they know to help keep us as safe as we can be.  Your teachers are all being very creative in thinking how they can best help you with your learning in different ways.

But daily on the news we are seeing people sharing abilities of all kinds.  Musicians opening doors and windows and sharing their talents, artists and writers creating special blogs or web readings to help us bide our time, postmen dressing up as superheroes to deliver the post and physical trainers setting up physical activities like the ones you do at 9am.

What talents/special abilities have you shared?

  • A small ukulele concert for your neighbours through the walls or windows
  • A picture of a rainbow placed facing the street to cheer passers by. 
  • Your sense of humour brightening up the faces of people in your homes.
  • Some clever people are making class blogs or you tube videos.

Have a think about what you can do to share your special abilities, and remember each of you is amazing.

Who plays the drums? :)

 Wednesday, 1st April. Clive Hale

It is important for people to know what you stand for.

As you grow up through the school you will develop more of your own mind.  The things that make up your character become more evident, and you start to give reasons for why you like or do the things you do,

My observation is that this development of character, which is always with us, starts to become more evident about the time you are leaving year three and certainly through year four.

Right now we have to be asking some big questions about how we live life and what we are doing, maybe what we will change or what we will do differently, what we do like and what we don't like, what we miss.

Whether that is within our families, for ourselves or  for others, whether it is about the planet or how we look after our environment and each other it does not really matter.

What matters is that you share your point of view, let others know what you think and feel.

What thoughts are bubbling to the surface for you?

 Thursday, 2nd April. Clive Hale.

I will relax and just be me.

Already you will be, and are, someone or something. A son, a daughter, an older brother or sister, a mum or dad, a teacher, a nana or grandad...

Being that someone, or something, brings with it expectations of how you should behave and what you should do.

  • That's not a nice way to speak to...
  • What sort of example are you setting your....
  • You're old enough now to know better than...
  • xxxx wouldn't do that.
  • That' just what I would expect...

Forget all that expectation for the moment and think about who or what you want to be.  Relax, with the idea and enjoy who you are without the expectation of others.


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