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Building Learning Power

Building Learning Power (BLP) is not a curriculum or a way to organise our themes and content, it is a way of subtly changing the way we teach and learn the skills and competencies our children might need in life. The ‘learning to learn’ agenda has been gaining momentum for nearly a decade and has never been more pertinent.

Professor Guy Claxton challenges us to reflect on what we see as good learning.

He asks us to review on how well do we know our children; are they resilient in the face of difficulty and have the skills to overcome when things get tough.

Are they resourceful and able to learn in different ways?

Are they reflective and able to adapt to get the best from themselves? And also are they empathetic, able to see the world through others eyes?

These are the skills of lifelong learners. These are muscles we can help our children grow and strengthen. 

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